SONNY VINCENT: Soul Mates...: CD

Jun 22, 2007

Sonny Vincent is pretty cool, but, truth be told, most of his records (including this one) are kinda blah—it sounds like what one imagines a Dee Dee Ramone solo CD would sound like were Dee Dee not a complete raving cartoon lunatic. Or, rephrasing that, it sounds like what one would imagine a Daniel Rey solo CD would sound like. Ack. Contains snippets of answering machine messages left by both Dee Dee and Joey Ramone; for what purpose i cannot say. Next. BEST SONG: “No Detour” BEST SONG TITLE: “Robot Radio” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Time Bomb” isn’t the Ramones song, “Bang Bang” isn’t the U.K. Squeeze song, and “Chopping Block” isn’t the Little Killers song (although i think that one’s spelled differently). Also, i went to a show once where Sonny Vincent, the Zodiac Killers, and the Clorox Girls played, and the best band of the night by a considerable margin was the opening act, the Guilty Pleasures—take that for whatever it’s worth.

 –norb (Disturbed,