SONNY VINCENT: Cyanide Consommé: LP

This record fucking kills! From song to song, I’m consistently blown away. It’s unbelievable how great this album is. Not one stinker in the entire bunch. The guitar work recalls Scott Ashton, with it’s heavy sound that could shred thick sheets of steel on contact, and Sonny’s vocals are convincingly urgent and tough. The songs are prefect blend of the Dead Boys with the hard punch of the Stooges. The guitar tone on this album is vicious, topped with vocals that cut. Then there’s the sax on the opener, “James Brown’s Evil Son,” that slays! I really like the mid-tempo late night burner of “Part 2 Screw You,” bringing to mind nights that run too long for one’s own good. The title track kicks off with a gnashing guitar riff that grabs your attention and does not let up. A good amount of low end sends this fucker over the edge. I will go on record stating this is one of my all-time favorite albums. One of those “desert island” discs, if you must go there.

 –M.Avrg (Big Neck,