SONNY VINCENT: Bizarro Hymns: CD

Mar 22, 2016

It’s always exciting to see a current release on Get Hip, which is such a solid label, and this is the first thing I have seen since the last Mullens album. This appears to be a U.S. pressing of a 2011 release from the ever-prolific Sonny Vincent. Considering how much stuff this guy releases, the quality level is incredible; nearly everything is great. From the early outings with the Testors on through to current day, he just keeps cranking out stuff with his friends along for the ride. One song on here has Scott Asheton on drums, which is pretty cool. This is more of the usual mid-tempo and faster punk stuff, which is usually embarrassing out of someone this age, but Sonny Vincent just nails it, time and time again. Highest possible recommendation for fans of Jeff Dahl, Mike Hudson/Pagans, The Dogs, and other “old guy punk.” 

 –Mike Frame (Get Hip)

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