Back in 2003, Swami reissued a discography collection from The Testors, the great ‘70s power pop rock’n’roll band fronted by Sonny Vincent. To promote this release, Sonny and Rocket From The Crypt went on tour together, and three of the members of Rocket From The Crypt served as Sonny’s backup band during the tour. This record was recorded later that same year as a result of that tour. The material consisted of all new songs, largely made up in the studio, and it’s all fucking great, smokin’ rock’n’roll. At times this almost sounds like a high-octane version of Hot Snakes or Night Marchers (which is to be expected, based on the involvement of John Reis), except with a different vocalist. After the recording session, these master tapes sat unfinished and unmixed until Swami Records decided to get back in the ring and get this released. I’m very glad they did. There had previously been a version of this released in Europe with a different mix and two less songs (one of which Reis sings lead), technically making this a reissue. One would never know this was recorded over ten years ago, as the songs don’t come across as dated at all and, in fact, sound as fresh as ever. Recommended. 

 –Mark Twistworthy (Swami,, [email protected])