SONNETS, THE: Mystery Girl: CD

Jun 29, 2007

Sounds a little bit like the Who in places, a little like the fifth and sixth Jam albums elsewhere, and, when the band’s at their best, a skitch like the Vapors. Ultimately, this comes off as an album of glum, hookless power pop with harder rock interludes that doesn’t seem to be helped much by a. an ill-defined feeling of ambient social consciousness, nor b. the lack of overdubs, which, while a nice thought, seems to prevent the band from successfully articulating their vision more than anything else. This record is both a benefit for a women’s shelter and about two songs too long, so if tonight, in Chicago, a battered woman is turned away from the Greenhouse Shelter due to lack of funds stemming from this record not selling enough copies because it should’ve contained only twelve songs and not fourteen, as well-established Power Pop Aesthetic Guidelines dictate, you guys have only yourselves to blame. That really wasn’t very nice to say, but i’m upset that they didn’t call the album Boom! and am lashing out reflexively. BEST SONG: “Anniversary” BEST SONG TITLE: “Mystery Girl” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Actually, the most fantastically amazing thing about this band (other than that it contains esteemed Chicago scenester Chuck Uchida) is that, for a little while during “Rockopera,” they actually sound like the Mystery Girls!

 –norb (Failed Experiment)