SONIC NEGROES: Honky Bastard Blues: CD

Oct 06, 2008

This isn’t really my thing for the most part, but it appears to be a perfect example of a common mistake bands make on their debut albums; they wear their influences on their sleeves and have trouble harnessing the originality that could potentially be shown. Sonic Negroes’ sound would best be compared to the Dictators with a Southern twang and pianos added in, mixed with a dash of Supersuckers and Stooges. The songs presented on this album all sound pretty much the same to me, so I’m not given much to write about here, but I’m sure anyone really into the aforementioned bands and stuff like the New York Dolls will enjoy this record to at least some extent. As far as I can tell, it’s just a rehashing.

 –Dave Dillon (Zodiac Killer)