SONIC CHICKEN 4: Self-titled: LP

May 26, 2008

Already one for the top ten of the year! Solid rock from France’s Nasty Product trash scene, and all the best facets possible. Swings from great echoes of the past like The Monks, Jonathan Richman, and girl groups, feels fond of later greats The Fells and The Gories, while not sounding like a ‘60s karaoke rip off. No, you will pop up and down to this pureness and cry because it seems so simple to be so good the way seeing a band in someone’s house is a thousand times stronger than going to a thousand-person club with stage lighting. Leave it to In The Red to unleash another new band on the U.S. that gives you faith in rock. LP doesn’t have liner notes, but does have a CD inside. 

 –mike (In The Red)