SONIC AVENUES: Television Youth: CD

This sophomore full length from the Montreal-based band is a solid chunk of power pop with a hearty Exploding Hearts sheen. It’s driving, it has hooks, and it there’s a nice amount of raggediness. It’s pretty much a winner. The album has the vibe of an album one would throw on their portable record player at a summer barbeque, where one would expect a bunch of record collector friends to show up. My favorite part of the album is the Jay Reatard-esque outro to the last song, “Always Looking for Something.” Also, quick observation, but Killed By Death pop punk bands really love their television songs. Punk godfathers The Adverts had “Television’s Over,” the Adored had “Television Riot,” Clorox Girls/Red Dons side project Suspect Parts had “17 Television,” and now Sonic Avenues have the title track to this album. Viva le cathode rays!

 –Adrian Salas (Dirtnap)