SONIC AVENUES: Television Youth: CD

May 04, 2012

Having somewhat accidentally stumbled upon Sonic Avenue’s amazing self-titled debut in 2010, my anticipation for this, their second full length, was pretty high. So high in fact that I broke from my stubborn and admittedly nerdy rule that requires I wait for the record to arrive in lieu of seeking out shitty MP3 streams. Though I’m still not sure if this matches the power of their debut, this record is far from a sophomore slump. Plain and simple, Sonic Avenues play catchy and infectious power pop. Think the Undertones meet Jay Reatard meet all that other incredible stuff coming out of Canada right now and you’re in the right place. My only complaint about the record, and it’s a small one, is that while there are some standout tracks, many of these songs sound incredibly similar and kind of blur together. I’m thinking maybe it’s because they are all in the same key, but I’m no music theorist! All and all, this is an incredibly solid record worth seeking out. I know it’s early, but thus far it seems like Dirtnap is going to dominate my top ten list this year.

 –Chris Mason (Dirtnap)

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