If you’re wondering if this record lives up to Television Youth: the answer is yes! Sitting in front of a computer trying to explain this band is just wrong. I should be doing a cannon ball off a roof with this blaring out of a boom box. But this isn’t just party punk. In fact, quite opposite. This Québécois band delivers some serious bummer jams via flawless, rabid power pop hooks. Song titles like “Better Days to Come,” “Wasted Summer,” and “Tired, Bored & Alone,” suggest a much more human element is at play than the insta-BBQ tempos would conjure at first listen. Making mistakes may just be part of living one’s life. But all hail the Sonic Avenues for pumping out another righteous, impeccable, turbo pop record. 

 –Daryl Gussin (Dirtnap)