SONGS FOR MOMS: I Used to Believe in the West: LP

Oct 16, 2009

A couple of years ago when I got the first Songs For Moms LP, The Worse Things Get…, I was immediately taken. It was one of those instances of not knowing that you were looking for it until you found it. I’m glad that I heard them before I heard about them because I’m the kind of ass who usually stops listening after “country” is mentioned, and it’s seems near impossible to get at what is going on with SFM without such description. Limiting them to that would, of course, be shameful. In fact, it’s actually kinda hard to peg them—at least for me (which could be a reflection of the fact that I don’t listen to any band close to this more than anything). Anyhow, I mention my high regard for the previous album only because I was extremely hopeful for this LP. I didn’t know exactly what my worry was, but I was worried—perhaps just overly hopeful. Well, dropping the needle on the first track assuaged all my nervousness about the record. SFM roll out another LP full of awesome folk-y, punk-y, country-y songs, but the songs aren’t a rehashing of the last record but do stand well right next to it. This set of songs seems a little older. That is, they seem to reveal further exposure to world. Some of the hope and longing that was on the last record is replaced with more cynicism and anger. Things just sound a little darker this time around. Songs For Moms make being disappointed with the world sound so good. This is definitely one of the best LPs that I have heard this year. Do yourself a favor and don’t sit on this!

 –Vincent (Thrillhouse)

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