SON OF SAM: Songs from the Earth: CD

Sep 22, 2009

All on one disc, you get Davey Havoc from AFI, Todd Youth and Steve Zing from Samhain and London May who played drums for Danzig. I also heard from many that Danzig is on this but is unlisted. You can hear his trademark howls in the background. A treat for many of the Misfits and Samhain fans out there. If you have seen Davey lately sporting his devil lock, you know this must have been a dream project for him. AFI have been displaying a lot of Misfits overtones in their music lately. They also did a Misfits cover on one of their 7"'s . What you get here is a band that if Danzig was fronting this himself would be identified as Samhain or modern day Misifts. Not like those current goofballs that call themselves the Misfits these days with their stupid dolls, comics and bad releases. If you hated the latest Danzig record and the current Misfits stuff, you would totally be pleased with this. Thanks Dexter.

 –don (Nitro)

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