SOMETHING FIERCE: There Are No Answers: CD

Feb 26, 2009

 “Teenage Ruins” is a perfect song. Something Fierce take a great hook and beat the tar out of it—it’s as catchy as the Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks” but it’s a different kind of perfection, faster, louder, more frantic. Fifty listens (and counting) it’s still holding up. That’s “all-time great” in my book. Now let’s say, for sake of argument, that There Are No Answers subsequently faltered, failed to scale those lofty heights, never again took in that rarified air. Would it be a record worthy of seeking out? Yes. “Teenage Ruins” is that good. But Something Fierce wouldn’t pull that one-hit wonder crap on you. Time and time again they uncork songs I turn up as a matter of reflex. Guitar lines that are simple and infectious. Lead vocals that melt into backing vocals as they hold the vowel sounds at the end of the lines. I almost never understand the lyrics and I howl along anyway. (Isn’t that a symptom of Marked Men Syndrome?) There are nine excellent cuts here. It’s like a greatest hits record. The remaining three cuts, the relative stragglers, sound like Pete Shelley and company. That’s right, at its relative weakest, this disc reminds me of the Buzzcocks! There Are No Answers is the heart of my 2009 soundtrack.

 –Mike Faloon (Something Fierce)