SOMETHING FIERCE: There Are No Answers: CD

Feb 26, 2009

Although I’ve never felt that louvered sunglasses have ever delivered on the vast promise they’ve always seemed to extend, and “Something Fierce” makes a better Gatorade™ flavor than a band name, this be-badged trio does a swell job of crossing the hop-around-your-room-like-you’ve-got-bugs-such-as-walking-sticks-inhabiting-your-shins bop-und-slam of the first Donnas album ((“Teenage Ruins”)) with spring-wound Marked Men-isms ((“Second Son”)), Clorox Girls/Busy Signals garage-Buzzcock-isms ((“Passion is a Fashion”)), and even updated Screeching Weasel-isms ((“On Your Own”)). I rarely say ((let alone think)) this, but I think I’d enjoy a lyric sheet. Go figure. BEST SONG: I was thinking “Teenage Ruins” but now I’m thinking maybe “Modern Girl.” BEST SONG TITLE: I was thinking “Teenage Ruins” and that’s what I’m still thinking. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Band states they love the Returnables, and so should you if you know what’s good for ya.

 –norb (Something Fierce)

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