Nov 20, 2012

Something Fierce: Three London Calling-long songs from this Texas power trio. Anti-war pop? Like “Lost in the Supermarket,” Something Fierce’ll have you humming, “marketing… marketing slavery” like it’s an advert for soap, gum, or shoes. (Come to think of it, any overthrow should have a memorable tagline that you can’t get out of your head. Brilliant (both meanings: smart and bright), convicted. For those cynics who solely look to doom-black-and-barbed-wire imagery when recognizing political punk, Something Fierce will have you dancing on those flag-covered coffins in no time. Occult Detective Club: Clipped, spit-out delivery—to shamelessly borrow from the band—ODC are fucking craftsmen. There’s an artistic lyricallity, a hammer-and-nails workmanship, but it’s neither too in-the-head or too stuck-in-the-machine-of-endless-toil. Their songs remind me of people who can make something of utility that lasts a long time and is beautiful—be it a handicap ramp to the front door or a chair that’ll last generations. Their songs have that quality of durability, like soles on well-made, long-wearing boots.  Highly recommended.

 –todd (Dirtnap)

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