Some Top Five Lists for the Past Two Months: Fairly Self-Explanatory

Sep 29, 2005


Amy Adoyzie
Make Out Mix Tape Must Haves:
MC5, "Let Me Try"
The Dirtbombs, "I'm Qualified to Satisfy You"
Scott H. Biram, "Wreck My Car"
The Fictions, "The Handjive"
Clorox Girls, "Vietnam"

Aphid Peewit
Dean Dirg/Henry Fiat's Open Sore, Split 7"
Regulations, Self-titled
Reatards, Bed Room Disasters
Henry Fiat's Bastard, Your Mom Is a Fucking Mongo 7"
Amish Armada, Give Up

Ben Snakepit
Modern Machines, Taco Blessing 12" EP
Army of Jesus, Rats in the Walls 7"
Rumbleseat, Is Dead
Soviettes, LP III
Krunchies, In Der Winkel

Brian Mosher
Spottiswoode and His Enemies, Building a Bridge
Graham Parker, Songs of No Consequence
the Hatepinks, Plastic Bag Ambitions
Muck and the Mires, Beginner's Muck
Downbeat 5, Victory Motel

Shark Pants, Porno Snakehead
Dauntless Elite/The Because, Split 7"
Meneguar, I Was Born at Night
Blotto/Altaira, Drunks Not Dead, Split 7"
Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle (book)

Designated Dale
The Riverboat Gamblers on the Warped Tour. This means that many a high school student have been exposed to the rock this past summer. Alleluia.
Throw Rag's dates also on the Warped Tour. Justice such as this makes Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny smile down from the heavens.
The Epoxies, Stop The Future. Listen to them. See them. Love them.
The Soviettes, LP III
Pointed Sticks, Perfect Youth. Quite possibly the most perfect thing to come out of Canada some twenty-five years ago. This re-issue makes my point. And speaking of Canada, fuck Rush. You heard me.

Dan Monick
Gun Called Tension
Fosters Freeze on Fletcher
Smile Like You Understand

Denise Orton
Top Five Live Bands Viewed in the Past Year:
Grabass Charlestons
Kudzu Wish
Planes Mistaken For Stars
Blood Brothers

Rotten Sound, Exit
The Observers, So What's Left Now
Shakira, Fijacion Oral, Vol. 1
The Soviettes, LP III
System Of A Down, Mesmerize

Gabe Rock
Blotto/Altaira Japan Tour: supported by The Urchin, I Excuse, and
tons of other amazing bands thanks to Snuffy Smile Records.
Dillinger Four, Tiltwheel: Free Radio San Diego Benefit and Fuck Yeah Fest.
One Man Army reunion show BBQ, San Francisco party of fuck.
Hot Snakes final show at the Casbah in San Diego.
Grabass Charlestons and the Soviettes with Vena Cava and Altaira live in a dive in San Diego.

Greg Barbera
Tommy Gutless, Death, Honor, or Glory Bound
Todd, Purity Edge
Valient Thorr, Total Universe Man
Turbonegro, ResErection DVD
Poison Idea, War All the Time

Jason Kinnard
Modern Life Is War, Overlooked
Go It Alone, The Only Blood Between Us
Shook Ones, Sixteen
Allegiance, Overlooked
Sex Positions, Self-titled

Jim Ruland
So Unloved
This Is My Fist

Jimmy Alvarado
Adolescents, OC Confidential
Shattered Faith, Bootleg
Cymande, Renegades of Funk
Gun Club, Fire of Love
Acid Reign, Ready Yet?

Josh Benke
King Khan BBQ Show
Real Losers, Music for Funsters
Pointed Sticks, Perfect Youth
Carbonas, Frothing at the Mouth 7"
New Ugly Things Magazine

Josh Lane
Bent Outta Shape
the Pedestrians
the Regulations
the Fuses
the Leeches

Kat Jetson
Kraftwerk at the Greek Theatre. Robots came out and played a song for them. Robots!
The Ghastly Ones at CIA. The return of the top-hatted, caped surf crusaders.
Radio Vago's self-titled CD. Produced by that guy with the glasses in Mars Volta.
Tsk Tsk's "Mouth to Mouth." Hot damn, that's one helluva song!
This Blush's synthtastic demo. Love at first listen.

Lord Kveldulfr
The Meows, At the Top of the Bottom
Rookie, A Lot to Live
Sweatmaster, Tom Tom Bullet
"A Day in the Life... Joey Cape" in Punk Rock Confidential #2
The Supersuckers kicking ass as a three-piece in April.

Megan Pants
The Arrivals, Goodbye New World
Grabass Charlestons, Ask Mark Twain
Soviettes, LP III
Various Artists, This Just In: A Benefit for Indy Media
Various Artists, To Live and Die in Tampa Bay

Mike Frame
Dictators, Viva Dictators
Shady Lady, Raving Mad
Jeff Dahl/Diamond Dogs, Split CD
Shit Dogs, World War III
Alkaline Trio, Crimson

Mr. Z
Rivethead, Cheap Wine of Youth 12" EP
Teenage Bottlerocket, Totally
Four Deadly Questions, Self-titled 7"
Killer Dreamer, Self-titled
Blitz, Anagram Punk Collectors Series - Best of Blitz

Nardwuar the Human Serviette
Pointed Sticks, Perfect Youth. Reissue of the greatest Vancouver Punk Rock LP ever.
Blowfly, Fahrenheit 69. Who would have ever thought that Blowfly would end up on the same label as Noam Chomsky!
Various Artists, Vancouver 4 Way, 7". Tasty new comp featuring Ladies Night, Vancougar, The Beladeans and Raised by Wolves.
Uncut presents... NME Originals MOD Magazine: Interviews, reviews, and rare photos with everyone from The Action to Secret Affair.
Various Artists, The IKON Records Story, Double LP. Incredible sampler of America's #1 Unsung Garage Label 1964-1966.

Top Five Current Favorite 7" Records in My Collection:
The Lids, Too Late 7"
F.M. Knives, Estrogen 7"
Die Kruezen, Cows and Beer 7"
Hickey/VooDoo Glow Skulls, Split 7"
The Bananas, Bad Banana Rising 7"

Rev. Nørb
The Returnables, 3/5 Demo CD
Real Losers, Music for Funsters
Four Slicks, Bad Girl 7"
Leg Hounds, "Get Out of Here" (Live Thin Lizzy cover)
Hatepinks, Plastic Bag Ambitions

The Hold Steady, Separation Sunday
Lucero, Nobody's Darlings
Maria Taylor, 11:11
Some Girls, The DNA Will Have It's Say
Steven Heller, Citizen Designer

Rhythm Chicken
Against Me!, Re-inventing Axl Rose
Dillinger Four, Vs. God
Fireballs of Freedom, Greasy Retrospective
Bright Eyes, I'm Wide Awake; It's Morning
Radio Krakow (Polish Radio)

Sean Carswell
Routineers, Self-titled
Banditas, Self-titled
Soviettes, LP III
Charming Snakes, Ammunition
Grabass Charlestons, Ask Mark Twain

Todd Taylor
Bent Outta Shape, Stray Dog Town
Grabass Charlestons, Ask Mark Twain
Toys That Kill, Don't Take My Clone 7"
Dillinger Four, live
Hot Snakes, live


Billy of Dillinger Four
Toys That Kill, Don't Take My Clone 7"
Hard Skin, Same Meat, Different Gravy
The Soviettes, LP III
The Loved Ones, Self-titled EP
The Hold Steady, Separation Sunday

Chris of Sexy
Swing Ding Amigos, Kings of Culo
Okmoniks, Rustle up Some Action/Take a Spin 7"s
Toys That Kill, Don't Take My Clone 7"
Spits/Triggers, Split 7"
Sexy/Killer Dreamer, Split 7"

Damian of Fucked Up
Pissed Jeans, Shallow CD (until the vinyl comes out)
Iron Boots, Weight Of The World CD
Chronic Seizure, Demo tape, self-released
Career Suicide, Invisible Eyes 12" EP
86 Mentality, On the Loose 7"

Jim of Underground Medicine Distribution
Catholic Boys, Hurt to Hate 7"
Shop Fronts, Don't Quit 7"
Final Solutions, My Love Is Disappointing 7"
Tokyo Electron, Put a Charge in You 7"
Sultanas, You're the One 7"

Kid Kevin of Killer Dreamer, Lipstick Pickups
Thee Make Out Party! 7"
The Soviettes, LP III
Drinkers Purgatory, Self-titled
Bent Outta Shape
The Observers, Walk Alone 7"

Mike of The Observers
Onion Flavored Rings, Two Minutes' Enlightenment
Bent Outta Shape, Stray Dog Town
Army Of Jesus, Rats in the Walls 7"
Knugen Faller, Inte Som Ni 7"
Pedestrians, Self-titled 7"

Todd Congelliere of Toys That Kill
Swing Ding Amigos, Kings of Culo
Bent Outta Shape, Stray Dog Town
Modern Machines, Taco Blessing 12" EP
Federation X, Rally Day
Arcade Fire, Funeral