SOME GIRLS: Heaven’s Pregnant Teens: CD

Aug 01, 2006

Not as frenzied as their The DNA Will Have It’s Say EP on GSL, but also not as contrived. While I enjoyed that outing (in a guilty-pleasure kinda way) I couldn’t help but feel they were just kind of going through the motions; all of the dudes in this band are seasoned veterans of the screamo/noise scenes and it just seemed like they put the first five or six songs they came up with on that record. Heaven’s Pregnant Teens has a few things going for it that the previous record didn’t. For one, the lyrics are actually decipherable more than half the time and they’ve managed to create a record this time around that actually coheres—each song manages to seem reliant and dependent on the one that came before it. The end result is an album that manages to feel current but also harkens back to the day when this shit was new and chaotic and crazy and fast as fuck, when bands like this were dismantling the foundation of hardcore and throwing it on its ear. No, there’s no new ground being forged, but all the same it’s a pretty nice visit to an old haunt.

 –keith (Epitaph)