SOME GIRLS: All My Friends Are Going Death: CD

Apr 16, 2009

First of all, this isn’t the Juliana Hatfield group. Second, you probably already know that this includes members of Give Up The Ghost, Unbroken, The Locust, Over My Dead Body, Swing Kids and Holy Molar. Third, this disc collects existing and unreleased material (the two EPs released to date plus demo tracks and more fun). Fourth, it’s fucking brilliant. This isn’t hardcore so much as it is aggravated assault – it’s pulverizing, punishing and astonishingly accomplished (not surprising, considering who’s involved). Sure, there are straight-forward hardcore parts, breakdowns, mosh parts and everything else you’d expect from a hardcore record, but – like most things which I’ve heard from Deathwish lately – it’s also strikingly experimental, primarily in the lyrical content but also in the sound (equal parts noise, spastic hardcore like Melt-Banana and The Blood Brothers, and seemingly chaotic rhythm). The mix leaves these songs sounding raw and feral (as if covering The Stooges’ “No Fun” wouldn’t do that by itself), while Wes’ lyrics seem like picking scabs off self-inflicted knife wounds. However, I really wouldn’t expect anything less challenging from the people involved with this album.

 –scott (Deathwish)

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