SOMALI PIRATES: The Gold Collection: 7”

Jun 06, 2014

Mid-paced, rockin’ hardcore from Oxnard with at least one former member of In Control. The lyrics are obviously tongue in cheek and do manage to mildly offend, although you have to take it with a grain of salt especially when you realize that they’re also somewhat dated what with the references to the Bush administration. Still, the guitar hooks are really infectious and heavy, there are vocals snarled out in punk’n’roll fashion, and the drum beats are steady without overpowering the mixture, so I can say that this record does intrigue me. I hope the next record, if there is one, has better cover artwork. This one looks like it was drawn by a middle school student who was asked to replicate the first S.O.D. record album art without having ever seen it, but even that is sort of insulting to middle school kids who I’d like to believe have far greater imaginations. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Indecision,