Nov 05, 2008

Solid Decline: If I needed an ass kickin’, this band came at the right time. Charging hardcore that brings thoughts of early Die Kreuzen, Negative Approach, and a little SSD. Thoughts of early U.S. hardcore comes to mind, but amazingly, the band hails from Germany. Manic and at times feeling like it’s ready to fall apart while staying in complete control. Songs come and go and before you know it, you have to put the needle back on for another listen. Ruidosa Inmundicia: This band reminds me a lot of a Polish band I discovered recently called Slowa We Krwi. Fierce and abrasive female vocals over a full-force thrash attack. A no-holds-barred feel is received when they blast through song after song, not resting on their heels with unnecessary fills or breakdowns. The combination of speed and the vocals leaves me breathless from the short, fast, and loud formula they expel. I read that this band has a 7" out there. It’s definitely on my want list.

 –don (Residue)