SOKEA PISTE: Ajatus Karkaa : LP

Sep 19, 2013

First off, album covers rarely exemplify what’s to be heard on the vinyl. This is sure as shit not the case with Sokea Piste. The cover is a mishmash hallucination of watercolors, sinewy lines, and strange alien mathematics whereby expanded eyeballs seem to bleed black into a black hole. Somehow, Ajatus Karkaa sounds exactly like that. It is abrasive, controlled noise like Drive Like Jehu if they were Finnish. It would be an oxymoron to describe any of the songs as memorable, as they are performed with terse derangement like a preteen hopped up on Adderall, but the album as a whole leaves quite the impression. The LP comes with both the original Finnish lyrics as well as an English translation, which is a major plus.

 –Sean Arenas (Peterwalkee, [email protected])