SOFY MAJOR: Permission to Engage: 2 x LP

Mar 07, 2011

In the same realm as bands like Converge and Isis, this is post hardcore mixed with progressive metal. It’s the sort of music that takes repeated listens to even begin grasping where they’re coming from. The production is massive. Everything is loud as fuck. They switch from sludge to manic speeds, and there’s a definite urgency running through the entire double album. The one thing that kills this record is they get too bogged down in being technical. It’s hard to remember any song within seconds of it being over. “Dearth of It All” starts out decent, but eventually descends into many time changes, and just going on too long for its own good. After a point, I was bored. If they’d just let it rip here and there it would make a world of difference. The packaging for this album is pretty impressive. The artwork is primo (by Gérald Jay and Nicolas Deschamps), and the clear vinyl with splattered colors is a sight to behold.

 –M.Avrg (Basement Apes Industries,