Mar 26, 2012

Four songs from Sofy Major and three from Membrane, totaling thirty-six minutes of French hardcore. Sofy Major: Imagine if Baroness was always “on,” if they never had a mellow song, and growled a lot more in their vocals. Imagine that sludgy, stoner rock feel with more grit and perhaps throw in some Torche. That’s pretty much what you have with Sofy Major. I didn’t dislike it by any means, but it didn’t really do a lot to impress me, either. I’d rather listen to Baroness for the breadth of sound instead of everything being hot all the time. Membrane: This band, on the other hand, did impress me. Reminiscent of Unsane or the Melvins, it was heavy and dark and didn’t let up one bit. All three of their songs sounded as though the world was going to end once you finished the track. Slow, sludgy (twice in one review!), discordant hardcore metal—not something I would want to listen to a lot, but for three songs, it provided the perfect dose.

 –kurt (Impure Muzik / Bigoüt / Finatas / Basement Apes Industries / Prototype)

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