SOFTLINES: Self-titled: Cassette

There is nothing soft about this band. Linear, yeah okay. But soft? No way. There are parts that are fuzzy but in the same vein that the scrubby part of a sponge is fuzzy. I’d certainly describe them as abrasive, cutting, and piercing. Their guitar work is bright and warm, the drums are fierce, the bass is deep and poppy. Vocal stylings are slowed down, drawn-out melodies that pair more with the bass in tempo than anything else. Reminds me a bit like the vocals in Big Eyes. This recording is only two people in a practice space in Buffalo, NY. It’s mixed really well and has a full, robust, and complex sound. Lots of nice nuances in this band. My only diss is the unlabeled cassette. For real guys, at least write your band name on it. I got two unmarked tapes both from your practice space and the only distinction is color. My only hope is they find a third member and take this out of the studio.

 –Kayla Greet (Self-released)