Sep 17, 2015

Let’s start by saying Von Guts is a good name for anything. And that these two tracks from Tempe, AZ’s Soft Shoulder, both titled “Von Guts” have jolts, clanks, crunches, rips, splits, and clatters. They are like sounds arranged into song form, or unsongs. And here’s an easy in: the lyrics are “borrowed from the late Kurt Vonnegut.” But you can’t tell. It’s like they maybe locked Vonnegut in a kettle, put that over a high flame, and shook the pot when the water boiled, recorded that. Soft Shoulder has a half-dozen other 7”s, which boosts their weirdo points in my book. For fans of the older stuff, more great wildness is here; for the uninitiated—the shit is strange, but it feels right. 

 –Jim Joyce (Gilgongo,