SOFT OPENING: Self-titled: LP

Spaced-out guitar music that varies in tempo and mood. At times, I’m reminded of Earth, then they sometimes channel early Can. For the most part, these songs are slow and deliberate, at times bordering on sludge, but they don’t downtune and get heavy. Much like the aforementioned Earth, they play their heaviness out in more subtle ways. The songs breath, letting sound rise. The drum beats are deliberate, as though they’re contemplating every move. There are vocals, but they’re sort of in the background, giving added texture. There are a couple songs that want to soar, such as the opener, but they show restraint and keep everything cool and collected, building a tension that increases as the song plays out. This is good listening, but something that requires the right mood for putting on the turntable.

 –M.Avrg (Humdinger,