Some interesting gains and losses here. On the one hand, the production is markedly clearer—the gray noise, echo loops, and feedback usually pumped in their sound are employed more judiciously, and the vocals are clean enough that actual lyrics are frequently discernible. On the other, there is more employment of trad synthpop sensibilities than may have been in evidence on previous efforts, such as on the song “Wasting.” There’s no shortage of machine-like repetition and the structural character remains reliant on sheets of sound layered upon a simple foundation, but the beats are downright danceable in places, and sometimes what’s coming at you sounds more akin to Depeche Mode-Meets-Nine-Inch-Nails than the Joy Division-Goes-Batshit-For-Industrial of previous efforts. This is not meant as a dismissal, merely to point out main-Moon Luis Vazquez is stretching even further out and exploring other areas while still maintaining a foreboding paranoia, which simultaneously nurtures and infects throughout. All told, the dipping of digits into other puddles works well here, adding even more depth to an already impressive discography. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop over the course of future releases. 

 –jimmy (Captured Tracks)