SOD HAULER: Self-titled: CDEP

Jul 12, 2007

Heavy stoner rock that would benefit measurably (I’d reckon about eighteen to twenty percent) from Josh and Aaron keeping their fucking mouths shut (I guess growing up in Seattle might expose a rocker kid to a little too much Eddie Vedder?), and maybe too (here, I’d go around seven percent) from some cut-it-out on the guitar virtuoso finger doodling. In other words, why can’t everyone be Sleep? I will say, however, that about a hundred years ago, a sod hauler would have held a pretty good stature in places like Nebraska and North Dakota where pioneering Americans had little else from which to build their homes but sod, and you can imagine hauling blocks of dirt and turf even short distances would’ve been a tiring job. And after all that, snakes would live in their walls and go in and get on the bed. Go to sleep right there in front of the fire.

 –doug (Inimical)

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