SOCIAL UNREST: Songs for Sinners: EP

Mar 07, 2011

Don’t believe the sticker on the cover that claims this is their best material since Rat in a Maze. That’s a tall order, and though this record isn’t bad, it doesn’t come close to Rat in a Maze or any of the early, or later, SU material. Social Unrest are definitely one of my all-time favorite bands. I love everything from Making Room for Youth to Now and Forever, but I’m not blinded by fandom to let things get a pass. The material on here is good. “High Rollers” should have been put on the B-side, as it comes across as a throwaway, and the two songs on the B-side, “Get It Together” and “No One’s Tool” should have been the A-side. In fact, “No One’s Tool” is the best of the bunch, and recalls the early years of these guys the best. Parts of it remind me of “General Enemy” (from Rat in a Maze). One thing is for sure. Creetin K-Os still has a great voice. A good bellow, but the lyrics are intelligible. I hope these guys write more songs like this—fast, melodic, and tight—all the ingredients they used with great results in the past.

 –M.Avrg (Dr. Strange,

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