SOCIAL DISTORTION: Sex, Love, and Rock n'Roll: CD

Jul 12, 2007

Here is a release and a band that really needs no review; a band that has managed to survive the hardships of drugs, death, and turnover in their twenty-plus year history. Me, being the music geek that I am, ran out the day it came out to make sure I got it on sale. Retail CD prices are ridiculous! After a few days of listening to it non-stop, I got a call from one of my longtime friends from Canada. As usual, we shot the shit and start discussing the album. First is favorite song. I said my choice was “Winners and Losers,” his being “Highway 101.” Then we discussed place of importance amongst the band’s discography. We both agreed that SD will always be remembered for the Mommy’s Little Monster LP, so he said that this up there or even better than Prison Bound. I have to agree. My only complaint on this release is that it’s too damn short. Only ten songs. I thought I read somewhere that they had recorded over thirty songs. The last record came out in 1996 and I expected more songs. But the chaotic life of a musician might make it real hard for them to get themselves back in the studio. This way, they have two more releases in the bag. If the other songs are as good as these, we are in for a treat in the future.

 –don (Time Bomb)