SO COW: Meaningless Friendly: LP

Jan 20, 2011

I got the mail-order version of this record as soon as I saw that it was available, which differs from this version I got for review by adding a bonus 7”. I got it based on the strength of the first LP on Tic Tac Totally, a collection of some of the one-man band from Ireland’s output. The first time I heard So Cow’s punky, happy-yet-melancholy, jangly rock’n’roll songs, I immediately swooned. Meaningless is more of a continuation than a progression, but it is a slight progression. The songs seem more centered and focused with less variation, which isn’t terribly surprising given that the previous LP was a collection of sorts. Lyrically, So Cow centers on common disappointments that seem unavoidable as one grows older with youthful hopes diminishing and adult fears growing larger. This LP is a damn fine follow up, and I recommend it just as much as the rest of the So Cow catalog. As I said above, I purchased the mail-order edition with the bonus three-song 7”. I wouldn’t mention it, but the A-side, “Ain’t No Fun,” should have been a proper album track. It’s definitely one of my favorite So Cow tracks. Midheaven is handling TTT’s mail-order now, so I’d get over to their site ASAP to grab the LP + 7” (as well as any other So Cow you ain’t got your grubby paws on yet).

 –Vincent (Tic Tac Totally)