SNUGGLE: Zero Real Hearts: LP

Mar 08, 2010

I picked this one up knowing that I liked everything that I had heard from ‘em (their Tag… 7” and the Bent Outta Shape split). When I first put it on, I thought it was pretty good. Then I listened to it more, and then some more. And then I came to realize what a gem I had in my possession. Snuggle is undeniably pop punk, but it ain’t humdrum like a lot of the genre has become again. This LP is unwashed, intense, and uninhibited. They sound like their heads are barely above water and it is categorically imperative that hear what they have to say, even if that means that they sink while they’re trying to tell you what’s up. It sounds like four dudes converging with a common need, not one guy using the rest of the band as mere means for advancing his own private agenda. The drums, bass, and guitars are all over the place, going in their directions yet moving perfectly together (often quicker than a mile per minute). The vocals, like the strings and skins, are raw and urgent—they refrain from coming even close to any type of commonplace pop punk vocals. The lyrics are almost only coincidentally sung. It’s like the dude yells in such a way that it just fits because of the exigency in what he’s trying to convey. The whole thing has a very full and emotion-laden sound that has a pureness that seems to come from letting go, playing loud, playing fast, and playing what you need to play. Get it.

 –Vincent (1-2-3-4 Go!)