SNUGGLE!: Tag, You’re It: 7"

Jun 22, 2007

Man, it’s bands like this that make you realize that the seven inch really probably is the ideal punk format, for now and evermore. This record is so great: throaty and melodic punk in the vein of Splurge, Crimpshrine, and Jon Cougar Concentration Camp. The songs are personal, emotional, pissed, and yet still welcoming. The band name sucks for sure, and it’s hard to decipher any of the screen-printing on the sleeve at all, but then you play the thing and realize that some bands, whether through luck or thoughtfulness or hard work or careful planning, have the ability to put out at least one of those seven inches that’ll be played on your turntable for years to come, and at least a song will wind up on mix tapes you make for a long time coming. Snuggle’s one of those bands, and Tag, You’re It is one of those records.

 –keith (The Party's Over)