SNUFF: Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other: 2 x CD

May 31, 2007

Where do I start with Snuff? Well, I was led to them in ’94 when told that they shared members with Leatherface. That was enough for me so I went out and got Demmamussabebonk… And then all the other records as fast as I could. Yep, Snuff is one of those bands that can wrench just about any emotion out of me but in the end leave me wanting more and more. Disc one covers the “hits” quite well. Well-rounded and a good listen. Disc two is the gravy for fans. It’s got all that Snuff craziness that we know and love (live antics, wacky covers and just plain good songs) and more. Highly recommended. The whole package is a great way for someone to get into the band, but I would really suggest getting all of the records NOW!

 –ty (Fat)