SNUFF: Blue Gravy: CD

Sep 22, 2009

Could not wait to toss this baby in my CD player to get to their undeniable brand of pop secretions. I popped out the CD magazine out of the back of my truck and pulled out that shitty CD that I got for review and threw it aside. I think that shitty CD is still floating around underneath a seat. I slipped that baby into the magazine and jumped into the truck to hear the new Snuff! Bam, like a boot to the head, the first track starts playing. My enthusiasm drops to an all-time low. I had the same look when the Jehovah's Witness showed up at my door when I was expecting a friend I hadn't seen in awhile. What the fuck is this? The opening track, "Slipt," is so flat that it barely reaches any level of excitement. It felt forced and the band sounded like they didn't even enjoy recording it. I can't believe this is the opening track! You have to go in with force on the opening track. Now, track 1 is the throwaway that I have been skipping over. Things go back to normal on track 2 - 7 where you get four new songs and two new versions of previously released songs. At the end you get, as filler, two live tracks. I like the studio versions, personally. Live stuff usually doesn't have the presence and the sonic energy that the studio can create. Overall, not their best but enough to tide me over until their next full length. They are still one of the best. No one as of yet has captured their style and magic.

 –don (Fat)