SNFU: In the Meantime and in Between Time: CD

Jul 06, 2007

I was worried a little when I heard about a new SNFU record coming out. How could I possibly avoid being biased? I mean, this band was pretty much responsible for my punk rock existence. How would I take it if this didn’t live up to their near flawless back catalog? I can handle a lot of other bands losing their luster, but the mighty SNFU? I was nervous. To put it bluntly, this record kicked me square in the ass! I was not expecting to be blown away but I sure was. I can honestly say that this new record captures everything that an SNFU should be. Tight rhythms? Check. Soaring guitars? Check. Mr. Chi Pig? That’s a big CHECK! No one can write like he writes. It’s like when an abstract painting suddenly makes sense. No matter if he’s writing about his own issues, or about those around him, you know that it’s going to be clever and biting. Musically, the band has really come together. The new rhythm section fits in perfectly. The songs somehow maintain the SNFU feel while managing to sound fresh. There are many bands from the “glory days” of hardcore that continue to play today. The numbers are thinner when you count the ones that are still viable. I am happy to report that SNFU, aka “The Most Important Band in the History of the World According to Ty” are more than viable. They’re still the best!

 –ty (