SNEEZE: I’m Going to Kill Myself: LP

Nov 13, 2013

Power chords rarely sound this powerful. The opening track will induce a full-body implosion that melts your brain into your lungs. You’ll find yourself coughing viscously while tapping your toes and nodding your empty head. Aurally, it’s at once derivative of grunge and garage, but simultaneously exciting and well-executed. Somehow, Sneeze is able to retread and deviate in equal measures. The lyrics are undeniably bleak (no surprise given the title), but it’s all so damn catchy that you’ll find yourself singing, “I head straight for the liquor cabinet so don’t blink. I’m not afraid to shoot.” Definitely the soundtrack to a bad day. Sure, it won’t cheer you up, but it’ll be comforting to know that some people are worse off—and, hell, you won’t have much a brain left to care with anyway.

 –Sean Arenas (Close To Home, [email protected], / Midnight Werewolf, [email protected],