SNEAKY PINKS, THE: “I’m Punk” b/w “Puke Pudding”: 7” EP

May 20, 2014

I couldn’t tell whether “I’m Punk” is facetious mimicry or a degenerate declaration, but then I realized that I’m totally over thinking this. I mean, these dudes put their first record out on Bubbledumb, which actually kinda nicely sums up the sounds contained herein. Snotty, lo-fi Ramones worship for all the glue sniffers. Once I decided to stop thinking and just listen, the track slayed. The backside is even less together than the front, like it was demo fuckery, yet it still sounds like it coulda been on Recess’s Hot Curly Weenie 2, which is bar-none my favorite sampler comp ever. Fun times. The dude from Nobunny constitutes half this here group, should things like that be of concern to you. 

 –Vincent (Almost Ready,