SNEAKY PINKS: I Can’t Wait b/w Kill Kill Kill, Life Stoopid, I Stoopid: 7"

Nov 10, 2008

Word is that these guys are the Milli Vanilla of Tucson punk. They have a great live set, jump all over the place, and go nutty. The only difference between almost every other from-the-garage band you’ve seen is that it’s all synched. They don’t play a single note live. This, I assume, frees band members up to considerably more drinking and time to interact with the audience: two things that make going to a punk show fun. All this would be an interesting side note if the songs weren’t awesome on their own. Think the quirky, yet spot-on anxiety of M.O.T.O. and that balanced from-the-vaults but of the not-to-distant future feel of the Knockout Pills and you’ve hit it on the head.

 –todd ($4, Rubber Vomit)