SNARLAS: Self-titled: 7”

May 20, 2010

When I received this record in the mail to review, I was really excited since I knew that it was the band that Cindy Crabb ofDoriszine and her sister were doing. However, in spite of my excitement, I ended up shelving it for a while. Why? Because I didn’t want to be disappointed. Just because someone can write a great zine doesn’t mean that everything they do is going to be great. However, when I did get around to playing it, I found that my reservations were ridiculous. It’s a great record. It’s dirty three-chord punk with shouted dual female vocals. A raw, urgent, beautiful mess. The subject matter of the songs has a lot of the same themes you’ll find in Doris zine: songs about respecting past revolutionary struggles and some about self-preservation and empowerment. A lot of the songs also deal with living through trauma and abuse. For instance, the song “Generation 5,” seems to be in the voices of both an older and younger sibling as they try to heal from sexual abuse from their childhood as adults: “tell me, tell me / we can trust each other now / there were nights I knew nothing about / I couldn’t protect you like no one protected me.” The song “The Things That You Fear Are the Things That Will Save You” is an anthem about not listening to what we’ve been taught to fear by society and our upbringings and how wonderful and full that can make our lives. What more could you ask for in a punk record? It’s heavy, powerful, gutsy stuff.

 –Craven (Snarlas / Plan-It-X Records South)