This three-song album starts with “Baby U A Freak.” So, the guy met this girl in “Sunday school” and she wears “a one-piece bathing suit to the pool.” She went to college. Good for her. Education is important. She avoids fried foods and takes plenty of vitamin C. The singer would like to take her to a salad bar. No joke. These are the lyrics. He also says, quote, “I want dat booty so bad, I just wanna shout! I got my hand on my wee-wee and my drawlz hangin out.” You might be wondering, “Well, maybe the music is good?” You would be wrong to think that. It’s not good at all, really. I am happy that Snare And The Idiots are making music and I think that if it makes them happy then they should keep on keepin’ on. However, being an existentialist and being a reviewer are two separate things. Why? Because I have to comment on and critique what others have done with their freedom and that’s not necessarily fair. I have certainly made bad music. Van Halen made a career out of playing shitty songs. Don’t be afraid to make bad music: start bands, host singalongs, drum on pots and pans, belt it out in your car, explore a new genre, whatever. But, seriously, “Baby U A Freak?” Is this thing on?! Hey, maybe “idiot” is a Dostoevsky reference

 –John Mule (Mincey, no address listed)