SNAKES, THE: Hiya Hoya: 7”

May 20, 2010

Dripping with symbolism, this seven inch appears to be a sort of parable of punk rockers or indie rockers as the ill-fated American Indians, being forcefully assimilated into the greater WASP culture, having their identities co-opted and watered down in to a mainstream mess. The cover art prominently displays a picture of a braided Apache-chief-from-Super-Friends-looking dude ripping a pilgrim in half, with the A-side “Hiya Hoya” and B-side a couplet of tracks dedicated to the seventies half-breed anti-hero, Billy Jack. Musically, it is akin to the more tuneful Flipper numbers: perhaps a bit off-putting at first with its thrashy noise; with repeated spins you’ll come to find a seductively clandestine layer of pop sensibilities buried beneath the sonic rubble. This is an interesting and unexpected follow-up to their previously released split with 1-800-Band, also released on Slow Gold Zebra.

 –Jeff Proctor (Slow Gold Zebra)