SNAKE MOUNTAIN: Don’t Surf Zombie Beach: CD

Nov 16, 2010

Sounds a bit like if in the late ‘70s Glenn Danzig would’ve revamped his B-grade horror movie shtick with just a touch o’ the rockabilly influence. Granted, this isn’t psychobilly, but rather dirty, grimy rock‘n’roll mixed with the macabre. Perfect, unobtrusive use of saxophone, too—the one instrument that can ruin a record as easily as improve it. On the whole, it’s as if the Quadrajets were into death and cemeteries. Yet I can’t stop thinking that this reminds me most of the Dogmatics, but not because Snake Mountain sound terribly like those rockin’ Boston ne’er-do-wells; rather, Snake Mountain has the same stripped-down let’s-just-fucking-rock-without-slick-tricks attitude that pervades some of the most timeless rock‘n’roll ever made.

 –Eric Carlson (Old Bird)

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