SMOKE OR FIRE: This Sinking Ship: CD

Jul 24, 2007

Second album from this band out of Richmond, VA. Continuing on with their melodic obsession and pro production that you get with Fat, I’m really surprised that this band has not been snapped up in a bidding frenzy by the majors. Songs that sound like a cleaner Rise Against mixed with some Anti Flag, they would market well to the melodicore set. The songs are catchy and could easily be recognized as being commercial. They have a knack of finding a melody that makes their music palatable. Added this time around is Dave Atchison the former drummer of From Ashes Rise, to replace their drummer who they parted ways with. Coming from a band like that, it only could be good. He adds a solid punch to the music. With their constant touring, I could only see them gaining an ever-growing fan base.

 –don (Fat)

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