SMOKE OR FIRE: Prehistoric Knife Fight: 7”

Jul 29, 2010

Remember those old fast food ads that would go something like, “We take a sizzling beef patty and pile it with crisp, smoky bacon, then drizzle on melted cheddar cheese and add a handful of zingy caramelized onions…?” By the end of the commercial, your mouth is watering because they’re exploiting your hungry, hungry senses that already know and love what a bacon cheeseburger tastes like. Well, I’m going to attempt the same thing with this 7”. “Smoke Or Fire flame broil Richmond by taking driving Hot Water Music punk and throwing in a sweaty former member of Avail. They top it off with high, clear vocals that make you miss those Richmond summer days when it’s so hot that you sweat in the shower.” Does that work? Does it trigger a Pavlovian response? Are you drooling and growing a beard and cutting some Dickies into a pair of Daisy Dudes? One question. Since when is it okay to give a title to a two-song punk 45? Isn’t there some kind of rule about this? Shouldn’t this just be called “Speak Easy b/w Modesty”? Rev. Nørb, where are you when I need you?

 –CT Terry (Fat,

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