SMOGTOWN: Tales of Gross Pollution: CD

Aug 27, 2009

Could Smogtown really be as good as all the hype we’ve given them in Razorcake? Yes. Yes they are. And now those fuckers have gone and broken up. Money already wrote their obit in the pages of Razorcake. So what are we left with? One last offering of this now defunct, but someday legendary punk band. Tales of Gross Pollution is the CD version of Smogtown’s original demo tape. They recorded it less than a month after they had formed as a band, and, amazingly enough, their science was tight even that early on. The songs are a little slower than most Smogtown songs. This album doesn’t showcase the band at their best. Still, there’s a real beauty to the rawness of the songs, and keep in mind that a not-at-their-best Smogtown is still a shitload better than most bands at their best. Also, for someone who already has pretty much everything else these guys have put out, it’s nice to have one last new thing to listen to. Some of the songs from this first demo were later re-recorded and released on other albums. Four of the songs here popped up in different versions of the Beach City Butchers 10”, and one more of them was re-recorded for the Führers of the New Wave album, but the other fourteen songs are new to me. It’s probably pretty obvious at this point, but I highly recommend this one.

 –sean (Disaster)

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