SMOGTOWN: Self-titled: 7”

Mar 14, 2007

It is a very rare thing for a band as good as Smogtown to come along. It’s also a rare thing for a band that is legendary for being volatile to stick around, but it seems that the Beach City Butchers keep coming back for more and I couldn’t be happier. This piece of wax I’m holding in my hand is proof that these guys can come back more times that Jesus, and still keep kicking ass from the shore to the clubs. John Poddy does a great job on guitar on this. Rumor has it that Guitardo is back. I hope they keep John, too, and go for the twin guitar attack. Tim and Chip are still the rhythm section that everyone wishes was in their band, and, as usual, Chavez is throwing down the words that so clearly describe the decimation and insanity around him. On the A side we have “Ugly American Makeover.” It’s a good song that I think fits in somewhere in between “domesticviolenceland” and “All Wiped Out.” The two tracks on the flip are my favorites. Both “Kids Got Beat Mom” and “White Picket Electric Fence” bring out the stoke in the same was as the Smog on 45 single did. Good work, boys. Keep ‘em coming!

 –ty (TKO)