SMOGTOWN: Incest & Pestilence: CD

Jul 21, 2011

It’s been forever since there’s been a Smogtown full-length, but this one picks right back up where this classic California band left off. Like everything on Modern Action, this is available in many versions, including a highly collectable “surfwax” LP version. Wherever you are as you listen to this, you can feel the OC sun beating down. There’s a regional feel to Smogtown that’s always been one of their most pleasing qualities. That and the kickass music, lyrics, and vocals, of course. There are some instant classics on this album that can stick in your head after just one listen. Who can’t relate to the song, “I Wanna Fuck My Chick in the Skate Ditch,” for example? Incest & Pestilence is a welcome return.

 –Art Ettinger (Modern Action,