SMOGTOWN: domesticviolenceland: CDEP

Sep 22, 2009

Smogtown continues to blow me away. They're like surgeons who can cut the cancer that is the suburbs out of us, hold it up and show us what a gross, mutated tumor it really is, then put it back in our body and say, "Think about that." And not just lyrically - though the lyrics are pretty insightful. The music is so rich and textured and rocking that it feels like a tumor growing in your gut. It's disturbingly amazing. This release is just a three song EP, with one song that'll be on their upcoming album and two songs that you can't get anywhere else. It's only seven minutes long, so I have a hard time not listening to it twice in a row every time I play it. And that just makes the tumor grow bigger.

 –sean (Disaster)

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