SMOGTOWN: Domesticviolenceland: CDEP

The terroristic trio of tunes contained herein violently assaulted, pillaged, and plundered my inner ears like a raging out-of-control maelstrom of mayhem and destruction. It’s been many moons since the punkrock hooliganistic spirit within me has been so viciously shaken and so vigorously throttled… hell yes indeed, I’m overwhelmingly awed by the short bursts of frenzied energy generated by Smogtown (surging with uncontrollable sonic chaos and indescribably comparable to a well-blended bombardment of The Adolescents, Circle Jerks, Middle Class, and early Suicidal Tendencies!). They wildly wail, screech, and scream with enraged contempt against society’s complacent ethical blandness, and they take no prisoners whatsoever along the way. This is punker than all-out fuck… so do yourself an ever appreciative favor and aurally overdose on Smogtown today!

 –guest (Disaster)